Erebor – Dwarf army display board

Today post will be special as I will not showcase my own work but the one of a great friend of mine: David aka Grosacquet. Among his many talents, David is a veteran wargamer, the chairman of the Mootland Clan (our local wargaming club) and, more importantly, a great Scenery maker. David specialized in heroic fantasy sceneries for large scale tournaments and army/band display board (9th age, Warhammer Underworlds). I can only invite you to check his facebook page to discover more about his work.

A few months back, one of his customers asked him to make a display board for a dwarf army. After discussing together about the project, they decided to go for a display board with the great dwarf fortress Erebor from Middle Earth in the background.

This Fortress is famous as a key location of the Hobbit book (and movie). David has drawn his initial inspiration from the “Front Gate to Erebor” miniature made by Weta Workshop.

As always with Weta, this miniature was awesomely detailed but it was at a very small scale (8.85″ x 10.62″ x 5.7″ (W x H x D) 22.5 cm x 27 cm x 14.5 cm) and thus could not be used for the purpose of this project. Because of the size of the army that was to be displayed on this board, David had to make a much bigger version almost 1m high! 😳

I’ve followed closely this project because I’m a big fan of both the Hobbit and David’s work and great personnality. As you will see, the two dwarven statues on each side of the entrance are missing (they were added later). The Fortress itself is a custom-made MDF kit (laser cutted by Spire Prime). Anyway, here are the pictures of the finished display board.

I love this project and I wanted to share it with you. Hope you like it and find it as inspiring as I do.😁


3 responses to “Erebor – Dwarf army display board”

  1. That’s impressive. If you manage to get a shot with the dwarf army, I’d love to see it 😀

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  2. thegoldenrockers Avatar

    Great project, Matt.

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  3. Looks pretty amazing, I have to say!

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