Medal of Colors Inq28munda 2017 – Part3. Pic-report

Here are the pictures of the games that took place during Medal of Colors S1E2 – Inq28munda 27 (February 25th and 26th 2017, Cannes, France).

Kaerbanog and Killboum are moving their team members in a strange pattern.

This seems to confuse Igor, who definitely has a hard time understanding the Human brain from his Ethereal point of view.

Kaerbanog and Killboum are enjoying their conspiratorial chitchat.

Hopefully, Ziegler was there to explain to his Tau partner: “Don’t worry Bobby, it’s not a machiavelic scheme, they are just being a band of dumbs scums!”

Igor is thanking the Greater Good for the great dice rolls he received.

The perfect camo award went to the Death Korp of Krieg Engineers on the Boraxim mining facility.

I hope you enjoyed scanning through this pic-report as much as we enjoyed playing these games. It was a great time in a friendly atmosphere. Can’t wait for the next episodes and maybe it’ll motivate you to join us next time!

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7 responses to “Medal of Colors Inq28munda 2017 – Part3. Pic-report”

  1. Wow very epic terrain! Well done! The tables capture the many different realms of the 40K universe mostly the imperial sectors, and it reflects the inquisition aspects of Necromonda/ Armageddon vibe!
    Also I love that Inq28 is growing in popularity especially with Necromunda 2 (Shadow War Armageddon) just around the corner! Literally picking my stuff up from prepaid at my local game store tomorrow. I feel there’s a lot more Awesome things to come from the Imperial Inquisition! Now that GW has announced the the new Stand alone rule book that’s coming soon will have , Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas and warbands from the Inquisition. Nice!

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    1. Thanks! I totally share your thoughts about the renewal of Necromunda through Inq28 and SWA. I get my SWA box yesterday and I’m really ecxited to play my SW scouts!

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  2. […] Medal of Colors 2017 – Inq28munda – February, 25-26th 2017 – Cannes, France […]


  3. […] Medal of Colors 2017 – Inq28munda – February, 25-26th 2017 – Cannes, France […]


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