Medal of Colors Horus Heresy – Part 2. Armies and Prizes

After presenting you in the last article the three battles we played during the first Medal of Colors, last saturday, it’s now time to talk about the players and their armies. First, let me tell you, that this event went perfectly smoothly and for that I’ll never thank enough all the great players we had the chance to meet. Everyone did a great job at respecting the spirit of the event, that is to say playing “fun and friendly battles on nice battleboards with fully painted armies”.


We were also lucky to have a lot of different armies. Among the 12 armies, we only had two duplicates. Here is the full list of armies which attended to these battles.

 Dark mechanicum (Anthony aka Krintwitz)

 Iron Hands (Loïc aka Supercorbeau)

 Salamenders (David aka Tzagaroth)

 Death guard (Mathieu aka Igor)

 Raven Guard (Thierry aka Killboum)

 Night lords (Jérémy aka Ziegler)

 Night lords (Seyni aka Malcharion)

 Emperor’s Children (Gauthier aka Zorglubgears64)

 Blood Angels (Julien aka Gritche)

 Sons of Horus (Kevin aka Kharva)

 Sons of Horus (Rémi aka Rayzer)

 Space wolves (Matt aka Kibo)


The concept of this event was that none of the prizes was linked to the results of the battle.
Instead we choose to award 5 hobby-oriented prizes: 1) best looking army, 2) best painted mini, 3) best customized mini, 4) judges’ favorite and 5) most respectful of the fluff.

 The Prize for the best looking army was awarded to Loïc and its Iron Hand army.

 The Prize for the best painted mini was awarded to Mathieu and its Death Guard army.

 The Prize for the best customized mini was awarded to Seyni and its Night Lords army.

 The Prize for the judges’ favorite was awarded to Julien and its Blood Angels army.

 The Prize for the best most respectful of the fluff was awarded to Gauthier and its Emperor’s children army.


To finish, we have to thank our sponsors Secret Weapons MiniaturesMicro Art Studio and Broken Toad for providing us with a few gifts for the attendants.

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7 responses to “Medal of Colors Horus Heresy – Part 2. Armies and Prizes”

  1. Wow man, some great looking forces there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes and we all had a very nice moment.


  2. Once again, thank you for this event, I had a lot of fun.
    The tables and armies were amazing and I hope to see this kind of event again in the area.

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  3. Love your blog and posts but removing from my blog roll as now the preview picture is massive covering over swathes of content on my blog. Hopefully you can adjust a setting somewhere please?


    1. Ok I’ll try to fix it if I find a way.


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