Medal of Colors next episode: Inquisimunda!

Time flies pretty fast!
Three months went and I didn’t published any article on the blog. One may think that this is a lack of activities on the hobby front but in fact it was quite the opposite. I was so much busy with two major projects I’m working on that I didn’t find the time to write about it. As they say, the most you talk, the least you do. And to be honest, in my case, I’ve always been more on the “doing” side than on the “talking” side.

So let’s take the time to talk about one of these two projects: the next episode of the serie of events called Medal of Colors that we started last August with my friend Rémi from Salaise figurine.

Following the success of the first episode of Medal of Colors (S1E1 like the TV shows 😉 ) on the Horus Heresy theme, we decided to do a new episode, this time on the “Inq28/Inquisimunda” theme. Thanks to the support of our friends from the Nice Wargame Association, we are proud to annouce that we will been organizing a new Medal of Colors event on February 2017, 25th and 26th during the International Games Festival (FIJ) in Cannes. For those who don’t know it, the FIJ is the second largest European event, just after Essen in Germany! For more details about this event, here is the link to the event page in french: Medal of Colors S1E2 – Inq28munda.

So, you may be wondering: why Inquisimunda ?

The thing is, I’ve always been a huge fan of Necromunda. To me this is one of the greatest game and maybe the first squirmish game I ever played. I keep very keen memories of all the campaigns I played with my friends form the Nice Wargame Association. In fact, lately, Rémi and I found ourselves missing the cinematographic/story-telling side of the hobby. So when we found out that we could play Necromunda with an extended and richer universe than gangers only, we knew we would love Inquisimunda! For those interested in this game, here are a few great websites with lot of materials for this game and its universe: Empire of GhostsYaktribeLibrarium Inquisimunda and the Inq28/inquisimunda fb group.

As an inspirational source, I have also created a board on Pinterest that keeps growing. If you know great Inq28/Inquisimunda team, let me know I will add them.

As a huge fan of the Blood Pact, I’ve started to think about a few Blood Pact teams using miniatures from my Blood Pact army.

My first team is a veteran squad led by Enforcer Haul Gaur. This Death Team has been implied in numerous sabotage missions and is also known as “Father-Artificer Ran’s escort” from the name of its most valuable member: a former Munitorum Priest with a true expertise (or obsession I should say) with explosive devices of all sorts.

Enforcer Haul Gaur always knew how to motivate his troops with his highly efficient yet subtle “lash-management” style.

Father-Artificer Ran hidden behind his Enforcer, with a demo-charge in each hand. As he often says: “that’s not because I like to blow thing up that I like being exposed to danger”.

My second team is also kind of an escort. They are the personal guard of Death brigade leader Maik Haaron and his pet-pskyer the Gore Mage BlauEay. Their mission is double:  keep their lord safe from the enemy and keep him safe from his erratic Gore Mage.

As an elit squad they are equipped with the best weapons and carapace armors from the Death Brigade armory. In combat, they could easily face down any Militarum Tempestus soldier and maybe even an Astartes. Only the legend will tell…

So enough talk for today. I would love to hear what you think about Necromunda and Inquisimunda? Did you ever play these games? What were your best memories/story?

Have a nice week-end,



2 thoughts on “Medal of Colors next episode: Inquisimunda!

  1. Simply a brilliant game. Like you I played Necromunda back in the happy 90s and coming back around to it now but with a more atmospheric setting is what again got me into gaming after a little hiatus.

    Been creating a few settings for games over at my own blog and so far we have managed to get a few really good games under our belt. It will be my full focus coming into 2017. Glad to be following your progress here.

    Liked by 1 person

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