Welcome to this blog fellow wargamer!
My name is Kibo (Matt IRL) and I have been enjoying wargaming for 16 years now! With this blog, I hope to share with you my passion for this very complete hobby, which is miniatures wargaming. I’m a huge fan of the warhammer 40,000 universe from Games Workshop as it speaks to both my inner wargamer and sci-fi geek. As a veteran wargamer, it goes without saying that I have also been playing (a lot) to Warhammer battle, Battlefleet gothic, Bloodbowl and Necromunda. I will let you discover what are my favorite armies within my blog.

Recently (hum 3 years ago in fact, time is running like hell…), I became interested in Historical Wargaming, especially in WWII with the fantastic game Flames of War from our kiwi’s friends at Battlefront. I like this game for being very well balanced between playability and historic accuracy. Simulation is really not my type. I like to play wargames and, yes, I don’t care about placing my artillery on the table as long as it’s fun.

One of my favorite aspect of this hobby is scenery. Urban or open-field, desertic or ice-world, I really enjoy building awesome tables and scenery. After 16 years of trials and errors, I have developed some skills in this area that I hope to share with you.

Last but not least, reading through these few lines, you may have understood that english is not my native language. So sorry for that. One of the secondary objective of this blog is, indeed, to help me master the common language through regular practice.

Kibo from Simple As War

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