Medal of Colors Inq28munda 2017 – Part2. Teams & Players

It’s no secret that this Hobby has a big social component. And what’s great with Medal of Colors events is that you meet new people and immediately have a lot in common with them. I have to thanks all the players for their great spirit during the whole event. It’s so great to hear player laughing at a bad dice roll or making the noise of the exploding barrel and not arguing on half inch for a failed assault or whatever.

Vegan’s Void Pirates

Igor’s Tau Kill Team

Special mention to the Taunisher, as skilled at head-shooting enemies than at cutting their throats.

Killboum’s Genestealer Cult

Ziegler’s Death Korp of Krieg Engineers squad

Kaerbanog’s Chaos Cultists


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  1. This is all great! I wish I’d seen this blog sooner

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