Gallery – Tatooine close-up shots

I had a little fun last week-end as I tried for the first time to take pictures of my Star Wars Legion minis on the Tatooine boards. It was very fun to set up the shots as if I was doing the promo of minis or taking shots for a rulebook. I’m no photographer but still I think it really shows the huge story-telling potential of this miniature wargame, sadly untapped to my mind. I see a lot of people focusing on the competitive aspect of Star Wars Legion and it’s true that FFG is far better at making this type of balanced games than others, but I have the feeling that they vastly missed the hobby and story-telling sides of this game.

Don’t you think that FFG completely missed the Painter and Collector targets with this game, while focusing too much on the Gamer target?

For me, the major appeal of  Star Wars Legion is not to have yet another competitive miniature wargaming ruleset. The real appeal of Star Wars Legion is the ability to play epic scenes from the Star Wars universe!

Matt, aka Captain obvious 😉

7 responses to “Gallery – Tatooine close-up shots”

  1. Great photo’s mate, all looks very cool.

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    1. Thanks, I really enjoyed setting up the shots. I will definitely do it again on my next projects ^^

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  2. Awesome photos! I really need to get me some of these minis

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    1. While the quality is not on a par with GW and the minis need way more prep, I enjoyed a lot painting both the stormtroopers and the rebels. Painting such iconic minis only made me want to paint more 😀 I’m also very optimistic for the future of this game. The quality is improving each wave and I heard that the upcoming Clone Wars minis will be on Polystyrene sprues like GW ones.

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  3. Nice job, really like the terrain too.

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  4. They look amazing – as well painted as the models all are, it’s the terrain really sets the tone and lifts them even higher!

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    1. You’re so right and I enjoyed a lot more creating these mini scenes 😄 than painting them

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