Gallery – Tatooine board

I finally found the time to do a proper photoshoot of the Tatooine board. The two modules are mirror images of each other. This means that each side of one module is compatible with one side of the other module. As a result, these two modules can be assembled in 4 configurations as follow:


I’m really happy with the result. I’ve already played twice on it with my friend David and  we had a wonderful time. Star wars Legion is a great game with a lot of potential. I only hope that FFG listen to the community feedbacks and start to resolve the issues. On my side, I’m already planning my next Star wars Legion board ^^

Have a nice week-end in a galaxy not so far away,


9 responses to “Gallery – Tatooine board”

  1. Wow that’s a beautiful board. Bet that’s a fun one to play on!

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    1. Thanks! Yes we had a blast 😊

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  2. Amazing mate. Your boards are so epic.

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    1. Thanks, I’m happy to be back making boards ^^

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  3. Impressive board, very versatile and well done

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  4. Not only a beautiful board, but the modularity that you’ve perfectly planned and executed is amazing.

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