Tatooine board for Star Wars Legion

Star Wars Legion was my most anticipated game for 2018. The battle of Hoth is the reason that made me want to play miniatures wargaming. Seeing all these rebells in the ice trenches firing at the advancing AT-AT was the most awesome battle I could imagine as a teenager. I still remember that scene and it definitely had an impact of the way I approach this hobby: large army of troopers, towered by titanic vehicles on historically-inspired battlefield in fantastic universe. Epic & cinematographic.

Anyway, when Star Wars Legion was announced, I knew I had to invest in it and make a board (or two). Actually, I had a lot of idea for several battlefields but I ended up chosing Tatooine. I know it’s a classic choice but I wanted to make a desert board for a long time and, as for my mordheim table Malval, I had to do my own adaptation of this planet. As my piano teacher was telling me when I was young, you need to know your classics if you want to progress…

Last February, I was at the International Game Festival (FIJ) at Cannes. For those who don’t know, it’s the european equivalent of GenCon. It’s the second largest game convention in Europe after Essen. FFG was demoing Star Wars Legion there and it was great to see in person the gorgeous boards made by the great Rob Hawkins.

To my mind, Rob Hawkins is one of the best miniature wargaming board modeler in the world. Not only his boards are great looking but they are also highly playable and transportable. I’m a huge fan of his work ^^

So drawing from these two boards that set the bar quite high, I started to look at inspiration on internet for my Tatooine boards. Two years ago, my wife and I visited Death Valley in the US and I was happily surprised when I found out in an article by Obsidian Architecture that some Tatooine scenes were shooted there. 

I love the color palette of the Death Valley and I will definitely use it as an inspiration for this Tatooine board project.


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