Malval table – Town Hall & Graveyard

Quick update today to show you a few pics of the very early stage of the Town Hall and Graveyard. I don’t have a clear vision for these two sceneries at this point but I thought it was kind of mandatory for any respectable Mordheim table to have these elements. I would love to have your advices, especially in term of overall look and color palette.



So let me know what you think?



6 thoughts on “Malval table – Town Hall & Graveyard

  1. Amazing bro !

    The planks and wall stones for the town hall are superb.
    Colors : Basic grey for the stone with some green (dark wash+ clearer dots with foam as a tool) because it should be a quite wet place. Wood elements in very dark brown : I imagine a strong type of wood like oak for every piece of woodwork, taned by treatments like oil, tar and also crap ^^

    For the cimetery, it seems to me odd you put the sand before the tombstones… About the tombstones, do not put them perfectly in line, bow some of them and put everyone of them in the same direction. I think it will look fantastic. Addind some more sand in front of 2 or 3 and it will look like if some fresh corpses joined recently the place. Maybe add one open hole in the ground if possible for a single tomb, with a shovel near the place :p
    Colors : depending on the mood you want to make. Could be very dark : mostly black lighted by blue. Foggy : mostly grey and white. Cursed : Dark + one unatural color dominant in some places (green, red or purple).

    Can’t wait to see what’s next 😀

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  2. It looks very nice. I don’t really have any advice, though it might be worth checking out Cheetor’s “St Cranium’s Cemetery” to plunder some ideas or inspiration.
    My own cemetery project is still in very early days (some stuff to share shortly), though I’m going with individual terrain elements, both bespoke and based off the various kits available – so I’ll be watching yours carefully!

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