Battle Report – Sons Of Horus VS Astra Militarum and Space Wolves 2000pts


Today I want to share with you the translation of a Warhammer 40k battle report written by my friend Rémi some times ago. It was the first battle on my freshly updated jungle table and Rémi did a fantastic job at editing all the pictures to make the battle report as epic as possible. Here is the link to the original article in french. For those who don’t speak french, I decided to try to translate it in english for you to enjoy.

The fight was set in a jungle world with antic ruins from an extinct civilisation. An expeditionary Son of Horus force was sent on this world to exterminate a local PDF detachment helped by some mighty Space Wolves.
The Son Of Horus force was composed of one centurion with orbital bombardment, one big Legion tactical squad, one support squad with volkite culiver, one sicaran, one contemptor kheres, three thallax, one dreadnought in drop pod, one Reaver squad in rhino, one laser rapier, one land speeder typhoon and one avenger strike fighter.
My opponent was playing an Astra Militarum force led by a few Space Wolves: one command squad, two big imperial guard squads with mortar and heavy bolter, two Leman Russ punisher tanks, one armoured autocanon sentinel, two Wolf Guard leaders in terminator armor, two squads of Space Wolves terminators and one Cerastus Knight Lancer.

Let’s go!

After a somehow standard deployment, facing each other on the long edges of the board, the Son Of Horus were able (thanks to their warlord trait) to redeploy their tactical squad which originally was directly facing the two Leman Russ Punisher. This highly strategic move definitely saved the squad as it would have been totally destroyed by the punisher cannons of the two Leman Russ after the first turns.

The Son of Horus centurion starts directly by ordering an orbital bombardment right in the middle of the Imperial Guards. Three big explosions dig a big hole in their ranks. That’s a good start!

Next, a Son Of Horus Drop Pod lands very close to the Leman Russ tanks and delivers its content: a Dreadnought!

The Dreadnought fires at close range with its melta. Unfortunately, the targeted Leman Russ walks away unscathed.

The Contemptor and the Rhino both move forward to close within their weapon ranges.

The Legion Rapier shoots its focused laser beam toward the Knight Lancer and makes it lose three hull points! The Knight wobbles under the impact but holds on effortlessly. From the Son Of Horus ranks we can hear them shouting “Lupercal”.

The Sicaran tank is unable to penetrate the Knight’s shield while the Tactical squad shoots at a few Guards in limit of their weapon ranges. These few deads start to widen the gap.

The Imperial Guard Command squad is targeted by a few sporadic shoots while they move forwards in the Knight’s path.

The lucky Leman Russ tanks move toward their target: the Son Of Horus support squad with their Volkite weapons. The Dreadnought shoots its heavy flamer toward the assaulting Guards, ready to sacrifice their lives to the Emperor’s Will.

The Volkite squad unleashes its fury on the Imperial Guards.

The Contemptor is unable to damage the Knight whom revenge would be lethal. Both Leman Russ shoot with their gatling punisher cannons on the Son Of Horus, who immediately react with a strategic withdrawal in order to get out from the Punisher cannons range.

The Knigth shoots its plasma weapon and totally misses its target. The conscript squad keeps moving toward the central objective, hidden in the middle of the ruins.

The rapier survives to the sentinel autocannon shooting and keeps targeting the Knight with its laser beam. Unfortunatelly this time the rapier fails to penetrate the Knight’s shield and one of its crew member dies from a lucky enemy shoot.

Again, the Sicaran tank doesn’t succeed in hitting any vital part of the Knight

The Reaver squad enters the battlefield ready to kick the sentinel’s ass but they miss it. The sentinel shoots to the rapier in order to make it stop damaging its big brother-walker.

The Imperial Guards keep fighting their desperate hand-to-hand against the dreadhought which kills them methodically.

One of the Space Wolves terminator squad deepstrikes close to the Sicaran but the squad is almost fully destroyed by the combined shoots of the tactical squad and the sicaran.

The second squad of Space Wolves terminators strike upon the objective close to the Reavers who don’t have time to redirect their fury from the sentinel to the Space Wolves terminators as two of them die from a deep strike mishap.

The Knight assaults towards the Contemptor which is simply crushed by the impact.

The brave sentinel moves backward while firing at the Son Of Horus. The Knight turns to face its next target: it would be the sicaran!

The Knight runs towards the sicaran ready to crush it with its lance and to stamp over the marines in order to free the objective from their presence. Seeing that, the rapier directs once more its laser beam to the Knight. The lucky shoot hits the knight’s cockpit killing instantly its pilot and damaging its core reactor leading to a huge explosion! “Lupercal, Lupercal” shout the incredulous Son Of Horus at this unexpected destruction.

The Tallax finally appear, quickly finish the remaining guards over one of the objective and take control of it.

The Avenger Strike fighter flies over the Leman Russ tanks which were ready to shoot at the remaining marines. Helped by the Land speeder, they destroy the two enemy tanks with their missiles.

The Avenger then makes a sharp turn to the right and cleans the objective in the ruins from the AM guards who left their mortars to rush toward it. The battle comes to an end with the turn-5.

Imperial victory thanks to the objectives!

This was a great battle anyway. The MVP award goes to the 55-points rapier which was able to take down the Knight Lancer almost single-handedly, what an unforgettable memory!
The SoH are already preparing themselves to take their revenge for the next battle!

So what do you think of this little battle report? Would you like more battle report like this one?

Kibo and Rémi.

Original article and pictures by Rémi from Salaise Figurines Studio.

Translation by Kibo from from #SimpleAsWar.


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