The best (foldable) wargame Table

Today, I want to share with you my last project: a foldable table (6’x4′, 180×120 cm). I chose to do a 2-part foldable table because this is the best compromise between a real table with few jonction lines while being easy to transport or store. Once folded, this table is 3’x4′ (90×120 cm) and fit both in the closet of my man cave and also in the trunk of my car. Regarding the texture, I wanted something close to an european ground and thus I used plaster painted in brown.

BestWargamesTable2014-05-02 10.22.09

BestWargamesTable2014-05-02 10.22.56

2014-05-06 16.38.51



7 thoughts on “The best (foldable) wargame Table

  1. This is the most elegant design I have seen and now I´m curious. How did you build the table? Is it heavy? Also, how did you fix the floor (the plastered base) to the frame?

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    1. The base is made of two MDF boards 120×90 cm, thickness 10mm. The frame is made of pine brackets (cross section 3×3 cm). The frame is fixed to the board with screw on the side and PVA glue. It is quite heavy indeed but also very tough and resistant to transportation.


      1. Thanks for the answer! That’s exactly what I was thinking because I noticed the screw holes on the photo. First I thought it was a wood detail, when I looked closer I understood what you did. This is the reason why I also tought that the table must be heavy. Anyway, it looks great!! Best foldable table for sure! Keep up the good work!

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  2. did you assemble the entire thing before slicing it in half, or did you assemble it in 2 parts? I plan on making this exact board and i’m a little worried about assembling it in 2 parts that it will warp slightly when i attach them


    1. I made the two parts separately then assembled them with the hinges. I had no wrapping as I used 15mm thick mdf boards. Very tough but quite heavy I have to say ^^


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