From the Lost Abbaye to Mirkwood

I love the Lost Abbaye board but it has a major drawback, the playing area is way too small for anything other than small skirmish games. It’s made of 6 square modules of 1 x 1 ft (30 x 30 cm). In this project, I decided to add three modules to make it a 3 x 3 ft (90 x 90 cm) playing area.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how I built and painted this extension over one week-end.

1. Wood frame and basic topography

After gluing the MDF frame together, I cut a few pieces of styrofoam to make the basic topography.

2. Roughcast

To smooth the transition between the block of styrofoam I covered it with roughcast. After drying it becomes rock hard and it also helps to protect the styrofoam when painting with spray can.

3. Sand and gravel

To finish texturing the surface, I added sand and gravel, glued with diluted PVA.

4. Priming

The secret for this project to fit over a week-end was to use spray can for painting. But as you know the solvent used in spray can will dissolve styrofoam. So before painting, I used a special primer from Montana Colors to protect the styrofoam.

5. Pre-shading

Now was the fun part. Like a graffer, I used several spray can paint from Montana Colors and others.

For my friends in France, I recommend you to take a look at Allcity website, they have all the colors you can dream of and their customer service is really good. My friend David from Grosaquet is now an absolut fan of their products 😄 We could form a #streethobby gang I think

6. Highlighting

To get finer detail, I used airbrush to highlight the rock especially.

I ended up adding a cliff backdrop too. It gives more depth and height to the board.

7. Grass and trees

Final touch was adding static grass using my electrostatic applicator.

I enjoyed a lot how fast and smoothly this project went. I find working on nature terrain way more relaxing than urban terrain. I should focus more on this and it already makes me want to extend this modular board deeper into Mirkwood territory.


7 responses to “From the Lost Abbaye to Mirkwood”

  1. DUDE 😱😍😍 they look incredible!! 👏👏👏

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  2. Comradepatrick Avatar

    Awesome work! And over a weekend?!? 🧐

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  3. VERY impressive. Thanks for sharing your WIP too.

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  4. As always, your terrain and building is magnificent. Looking at the finished product, I can’t believe you did that over a weekend, but then when you break it down like that it makes much more sense. Not that I could do it that fast! 😀

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    1. Two secrets in fact, it was summer so higher room tempertures make things dry faster and also using spray can it’s so efficient to paint large area!

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  5. […] may know from my other articles on this blog, I’m a big fan of Montana paint spray cans for painting miniature scenery and terrain. That’s how I found out this product and I was quite happy to discover in the MSDS of this […]


  6. Another stunning board and addition!

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