Tatooine board – Topography and basing

I have now a clear idea of what I want for this Tatooine board. According to the rules, Star Wars Legion games are played on 90 x 180 cm area (3’x6′). I decided to make two 90 x 90 cm area (3’x3′) modules that could be put together on each of their sides. This results in 4 differents configurations for these two modules.


As always, the basic shape of the board topography was made with styrofoam board.


I then covered the whole ground with roughcast.


Once dry, I glued several layer of sand using diluted adhesive.


Next step: painting the rocks, grounds and buildings!


2 responses to “Tatooine board – Topography and basing”

  1. theuniversalgardener Avatar

    Looking good already, Matt.

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