How-to add a tree on Manorhouse Abbaye 3D bases

Manorhouse Workshop did a great job with their Abbaye 3D bases. It’s light and flexible, yet it’s stay flat on the table when you game on it. Actually these 3D bases are the bext compromise in term of details and transportability.  The only drawback is that I found it misses a significant center piece. As every good Abbaye, in the middle there is cloister and in this cloister, there is a trunk. I didn’t need more to become obsess by making a full grown tree out of this trunk. Here is how I made this tree.

For this tree I choose to use real pieces of wood because I wanted it to have a specific shape while keeping the distinct bark texture.

I use wire to reinforce the joint between the sticks.

I used PVA glue to fix the branches.

Then I used wood paste to fill the gaps between the joints.

The tree was then primed with grey.

Before starting the weathering step, I applied a layer of gloss varnish on the whole tree.

To finish, I applied several layers of the washes from AK-interactive wood weathering kit. I’ll show you the end result in next week article.


2 thoughts on “How-to add a tree on Manorhouse Abbaye 3D bases

  1. nice job, I like the addition. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really interesting, been thinking about building a tree made out of other trees as well. Might have to try that next year. Keep it up, good read.

    Liked by 1 person

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