Announcing Medal of Colors – Return of Primarchs 2018

We have to be honest, the new Warhammer 40k 8th ed is a blast. It’s very fun to play and while some competitors are still trying to twist and stretch the rules, in Narrative play mode the game is very easy to play and really let us focus on the cinematographic/story-telling side of the hobby. That’s why we decided the next Medal of Colors will be set in the Wh40k universe with the thematic being the Return of Primarchs!

For those not familiar with, Medal of Colors is a new type of event where we put the cinematographic/story-telling and Painting/converting sides of the hobby at the center. There is no ranking based on the game’s results. Instead there are Hobby related challenges about Lore, Fairplay, Painting and Converting. The spirit of these events is to play “fun and friendly battles on nice battleboards with fully painted armies”.

Medal_of_colors_Return of Primarchs_bannerFB

Thanks to the support of our friends from the Mootland Association, we are proud to announce that we will been organizing a new Medal of Colors S2E2 – Return of Primarchs 2018 event on February, 3rd 2018 in Vienne, France. There will be only 20 places so don’t miss your chance to be part of this great meeting with friendly wargamers and subscribe quickly!

For more details about the event, here is the link to the rules page in french: Medal of Colors S2E2 – Le retour des Primarques 2018

Have a nice week-end,



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