Malval table – Rough Roofs ^^

Things start to look good, really good! This was exactly what I was saying to myself while working on the roofs of the various buildings. The roofs are still shiny due to the gloss varnish I apply on them before doing the weathering step.

The only thing that worries me is that I have no inspiration at all on how to paint the Basilica. If you have any idea or inspiration let me know?


11 thoughts on “Malval table – Rough Roofs ^^

  1. Impressive !
    Perfect to à Mordheim game ! 😍

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  2. Beautiful work. That would be a treat to game on!

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  3. Really awesome work! Must be absolute joy to play in this table!

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    1. So you say! I’ll post a battle report of our first game in the coming weeks

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      1. Cannot wait. It’s coming along nicely and just screams to be played on. I definitely have table envy!

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  4. Very cool – must be a bitch to store! Still, really nice eye candy

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    1. You are right! I specifically built two storage boxes for this board 😆

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  5. Hi Matt,

    your table is getting more and more impressive. I look forward to reading (and seeing!) that first battle report on this beauty.

    As for the roofs: I actually find the roof tiles to be a bit too clean and orderly (I know, weathering yet to come). Have you seen the Innsmouth Roof Shingles (FGARK02) from Fenris Games:!/FGARK02-Innsmouth-Roof-Shingles/p/35191947

    I bought a couple of them and will be using them on my own scratch-built houses. I think they look fantastic and would also match the escenorama ruins better.

    Anyways, wonderful work nonetheless! I really need to get cracking to eventually end up with a table filled up as nicely as yours.

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    1. Thanks for the advice. Fenris Games bits are great, I’ll take a deeper look at it ^^


  6. Wow, it’s an impressive mordheim table you are creating. Very inspiring!

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