MoC Player’s Profile – Saresti

Article in English (top) et en français (plus bas)

Medal of Colors is a growing community of miniatures wargamers which like to play “fun and friendly battles on nice battleboards with fully painted armies”. We wanted to highlight these Medal of Colors’ Members and their individual Hobby story. During the latest Medal of Colors – Horus Heresy 2017, we asked them a few questions and we will share with you their answers for the next few days.

Medal of Colors Horus Heresy2017-08-05 11.34.45

English Saresti

What is the origin of your nickname?
It was the name of one of my characters used in a LARP.

What do you do for a living? And what profession would you have done if you were born in the 30th millennium?
I am a computer developer. In 30k, I would have been a Magos of the Mechanicum.

Where are you from? Are you member of a club (or regular player circle)?
I currently live in Verosaz (Switzerland), but I am native of Grenoble. I’m part of the Galactic Brotherhood.

Rather Horus or The Emperor?

What is your favorite 30k army?
The Mechanicum, especially the Dark Mechanicum.

How long have you been in the hobby?
Since V2, so it goes back to around 1993.

What aspects of the hobby do you like most?
I love the Lore and the universe, painting for creativity and play for the social aspect.

Are you playing other games than 30k?
I also play at 40k but I would be quite interested in Medal of Colors in Necromunda / Inq28 version. I also have other games like Walking Dead.

Rather brushes or airbrush?

How did you hear about the Medal of Colors events?
I heard about it on a post on Warhammer forum then the facebook page and the report of the Medal of Colors Inqu28munda at the FIJ in Cannes (February 2016).

What would you recommend to those who would like to join the Medal of Colors adventure/community?
Do not hesitate !


français Saresti

Quel est l’origine de ton pseudo ?
C’était le nom d’un de mes personnage utilisé dans un GN.

Que fais-tu dans la vie ? Et quel métier aurais-tu fait si tu étais né au 30ème millénaire ?
Je suis développeur informatique. En 30k, j’aurais été Magos du Mechanicum.

De quelle ville viens-tu ? Fais-tu partie d’un club (ou d’un cercle de joueur régulier) ? 
Je vis actuellement en Suisse (Verosaz), mais je suis originaire de Grenoble. Je fais partie de la Confrérie Galactique.

Plutôt Horus ou Empereur ?

Quelle est ton armée 30k favorite ?
Le Mechanicum, plus particulièrement le Dark Mechanicum.

Depuis combien de temps as-tu commencé le hobby ?
Depuis la V2, donc ça remonte aux environs de 1993.

Quels sont les aspects du hobby que tu apprécies le plus ? 
J’aime le fluff et l’univers, la peinture pour la créativité et le jeu pour l’aspect social.

Joues-tu à d’autres jeux que 30k ?
Je joue aussi à 40k mais je serais pas mal intéressé par Medal of Colors en version Necromunda/Inq28. J’ai aussi d’autres jeux comme Walking Dead.

Plutôt pinceaux ou aéro ?
Les deux.

Comment as-tu entendu parlé du mouvement Medal of Colors ?
J’en ai entendu parlé sur un post sur Warhammer forum puis la page facebook et le compte rendu du Medal of Colors Inqu28munda lors du FIJ à cannes (février 2016). 

Que conseillerais-tu à ceux qui voudraient rejoindre l’aventure Medal of Colors ?
Ne pas hésiter !

Here are the pictures of the Dark Mechanicum army he played at the Medal of Colors – Horus Heresy 2017.

IMG_0691 IMG_0692


Saresti was awarded the Red Medal of Colors for its very nice army and his exemplar behavior in term of fair-play. And to make the most, I have to say that I was deeply impressed by the level of fair-play and respect displayed by every player. Everyone was very positive all day long and this is the proof that we can play little-wars between true gentlemen! 😉



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