Malval table – Cavern LED lightings

So yes, I decided that the cavern needed some lightings. And thus, I went on the web looking how to install LED lightnings. I choose blue and red LED because I wanted to have a lugubrious unnatural atmosphere for this cavern that will be underneath the graveyard. Sounds very Mordheim to me ^^

I also took a video of the table but I didn’t find an easy way to insert it here so I will post it on the facebook page if you want to see it.

I know it’s hard to imagine the final effect, but what do you think of the LED colors? and also what color should I go for the cavern walls?


8 thoughts on “Malval table – Cavern LED lightings

  1. Nice! The lighting really steps it up quite a few notches! Love the effect the light coming out of the crypt they will really look eerie when it’s fully painted! Watching progress with anticipation! 😀

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  2. Damn, you continue to impress me!

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  3. Did you use an LED lighting kit, or did you wire it all up from scratch?

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    1. I wired everything from scratch. It’s only when I finished everything that I found out you could buy prewired LED 😆

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      1. Well, on the flip side… the pre-wired LEDs are quite a bit more expensive than doing it all yourself.
        I’ve been thinking about maybe trying to add some LED lighting to the industrial terrain that I’m about to start working on.

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  4. William Jacob Rutgers Ford August 20, 2018 — 6:38 pm

    Green lighting for the sewers!

    This is absolutely, insanely awesome!

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