Malval table – Cavern & Graveyard

Now that the painting of the first quarter of the table is done, I came back to some basic woodworking to make the structure of the three remaining modules. To change a little bit, instead of making undergrounds, I made a few caverns for two of the modules.

So much work left, that’s almost discouraging… but only in death does duty ends!


8 thoughts on “Malval table – Cavern & Graveyard

  1. The cavern is awesome man. Don’t lose the drive man it’s coming along really well.

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  2. After seeing the first one complete I can’t wait for the next 3!

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  3. Your tables and scenery are incredible. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out…

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  4. Awesome, awesome idea with the caverns! So cool.

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  5. All the modules are great, frankly.

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  6. Wow that’s going to be awesome to play on! Looks like you made it so you can enter the cavern through the crypts !?! If so, I so approve! 😀 I kinda want to make a Mordhiem board with a a sewer and catacomb layout under the city!

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