Malval table – 1st module finished!

Voila! The first module of my modular Mordheim table is done and I’m quite happy of the result. Actually, taking the pictures and writing this article filled me with satisfaction. This is one of these moment in our hobby where you can pause for a minute and really appreciates all the hard work and dedication you put in your project. I’m very happy to have succeeded in achieving this intermediate hobby goal within the “Malval table project” and this makes me even more motivated for the three upcoming modules.

I still have plenty of details to add and paint but I will keep them for the very end of the project as I think this module is already good enough to see some actions!



19 thoughts on “Malval table – 1st module finished!

  1. Absolutely stunning, mate! It’s so many possibilities and ventures. It’ll be a joy to play on I’ll imagine. The level of detail is already quite simply jaw dropping (and you plan to add more).

    Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Can’t wait for the other three.

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  2. Amazing! What a fantastic project. It captures the imagination and fills my head with stories. So it doesn’t feel as much like stealing shamelessly I think I will try and adapt some of your designs to Necromunda rather than aping you in Mordheim 😀 .

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  3. Man. Your work is art! I love that you made a sewer that you can play beneath as well…that’s been my dream to make something such as you’ve made for 20 years!

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