Malval table – Wooden Bridges & Fences

I love working with wood, it’s such a fantastic materials! I’ve done a few things in wood for the first module of the Malval table: two bridges, a fence, a stairs and a few ladders.

For painting, I mainly used the wash and filters of the wood weathering set from Ak-interactive and it works very well I think.

Do you have other ideas of wood scenery I could make for this Mordheim table?


13 thoughts on “Malval table – Wooden Bridges & Fences

  1. Nice work. Like you I find wood fun. You could do buildings, small sheds, that type of thing but I guess it depends on the theme, scale and available space.

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    1. I like the small sheds idea but you are right the space on the table start to be limited


  2. Do you have any outhouses?
    Small docks/piers that could be placed down and removed to vary the table – and perhaps small rowboats to go with them that could carry 4-6 models from one area of the board to another?
    A moored small ship (that could be used as an ersatz bridge), or even a half-sunken, ruined ship.
    Do you have the game “Vermintide”? (PC/PS4/XBoxOne) I think there’d be lots of inspiration to be found in that game. Even viewing some YouTube clips of the game in action.

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    1. I have some small outhouses in resin that could be added. I love the boats ideas and I think I could use the ones from the Lake-town house kits. I will check for vermintide youtude videos, thanks ^^

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      1. Glad I could be of some help with ideas! Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. 🙂

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  3. This wood effect is absolutely amazing, I know you pictured the paints but could I ask how you use them?

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    1. There are two types of paints in the AK interactive sets. Acrylic (water) paints are for painting wood on plastic or resin kits. Enamel (WS) paints are for weathering real wood. As the pieces pictured in this article were made of wood, I used the enamel paints. The more you dilute them with additional WS, the lighter the weathering effect.


  4. That weathering effect is incredible. Is it a series of inks or more like traditional stain?


    1. I used the enamel wash and filters from ak-interactive.


  5. Hi Kibo,
    do you have a “potence” in your town ?


    1. I have one in stock, I’m planning to add a few details on the board by the end of the year and it will be part of it 😊


  6. William Jacob Rutgers Ford August 20, 2018 — 6:35 pm

    You could make small vendor shops that have been looted – a few lean-to’s that you can place in a large market square, but based separately so that you can remove them if you want!

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    1. Great ideas, this is part of why I need to find the time to go back to work on this table


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