Tizca Botanicum Garden Table – First Battle

As Rémi and I finished the new Tizca Botanicum Garden table last week, we decided to play our first battle this sunday on this table, which was specially designed and made for the upcoming event we are organizing next saturday: Medal of Colors 2017 – Horus Heresy.

2017-07-30 14.41.03 - detouré2

We choose to follow the current Fate of Konor summer campaign, organized by Games Workshop. According to the Mission I: Invasion!, the lore and objective were about the invasion of the planet Astaramis:

“Astaramis has come under direct and heavy attack from the forces of Chaos. Yet it seems they are not the only threat, for alien forces of every ilk have been reported on the planet’s surface. If this is true, their intentions as yet remain unclear. In response, mighty armies are mustered to defend the sprawling hive world and battle is joined in earnest.”

As a result, Rémi played the Imperium defender with his freshly painted Primaris Ultramarines. On my side, I played the Chaos attacker/invader with my belovely-hated Blood Pact army. Here are the pics!

2017-07-30 14.41.19

2017-07-30 14.41.58 2017-07-30 14.42.27

2017-07-30 14.42.49 2017-07-30 15.17.17

2017-07-30 15.17.48 2017-07-30 15.17.59

2017-07-30 15.18.34 2017-07-30 15.18.45

2017-07-30 15.18.55 2017-07-30 15.19.19

2017-07-30 15.19.37 2017-07-30 15.19.49

2017-07-30 15.20.00 2017-07-30 15.20.19

2017-07-30 15.20.28 2017-07-30 15.23.36

2017-07-30 15.24.12 2017-07-30 15.34.13

2017-07-30 15.34.23 2017-07-30 15.34.38

2017-07-30 15.34.53 2017-07-30 16.56.44

2017-07-30 16.56.54 2017-07-30 16.57.28

2017-07-30 17.00.51 2017-07-30 17.18.30

2017-07-30 18.00.04

The Imperium won by far and thus, successfully pushed back the Chaos assault on this part of Astaramis. But, what they don’t know is that it was only the first wave…

This was our 3rd battle with the new 8th edition rules of wh40k. We both agree that the play style is much more fluid and direct than before. The only small drawback is having to memorize all the different weapons stats all over again. That will definitely takes us some time and efforts.

Overall, we really like this 8th edition! And you, what’s your take on this new warhammer 40000 edition?

Matt (SimpleAsWar) and Rémi (Salaise Figurines)


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    1. Thanks! Actually I tried to weather the windows with soapy water to attenuate the mirror effect but it’s still very shiny I think… you can see my car reflected in the window on the second picture XD

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