Tizca Botanicum Garden Table – WIP

Today, no update of the Malval project. Instead, I will show you the work in progress of the new table my friend Rémi (Salaise Figurines) and I are making for the upcoming Medal of Colors 2017 – Horus Heresy.

For those not familiar with Medal of Colors, this is a new concept of miniatures wargaming events where we put the cinematographic and painting sides of the hobby at the center. The spirit of Medal of Colors events is to play “fun and friendly battles on nice battleboards with fully painted armies”. There is no ranking based on the game’s results. Instead there are two Hobby related challenges: one is Painting & Converting, the other is Lore & Fairplay. The best at each of this challenge is awarded a price (a medal): the gold Medal of Colors for the Painting & Converting challenge and the red Medal of Colors for the Lore & Fairplay challenge and. In addition, we also award two silver Medal of Colors for the Judges favorites

Medal of Colors trophy

If you want to see more pics of the previous Medal of Colors, here are the links of the corresponding articles:

The next Medal of Colors 2017 – Horus Heresy is coming fast, less than 2 weeks! For this new opus, Rémi and I decided to make a new table for the Battle of Prospero. We chose to set the scene in Tizca, the capital city of the world Prospero, well renowned galaxy-wide for being a center for knowledge and beauty. When searching the web for inspirations, we saw a lot of very nice Prospero tables, among which the Warhammer World diorama is especially awesome. But we wanted something a little bit different without temple-like structures and greek/egyptian stoneworks. Our idea was to explore something new and you guess it… we decided to make a Botanicum Garden!

This project was the first time that Rémi and I worked on a full table project together so it was a true team effort. Rémi did most of the painting, especially on the tiles and the columns. On my side, I mainly focus on the oasis and the glass roof.

2017-06-02 14.32.05

We used the Deadzone: Tablescapes Tiles from Secret Weapons Miniatures as the basis for this table. These tiles are awesome to work with, perfectly flat, easy to store and transport and once painted the result is impressive!

2017-06-11 11.00.032017-06-11 11.00.10 2017-06-11 11.00.162017-06-11 11.00.25

Always wear a respiratory mask when airbrushing! Safety first and it would be so sad to die with all these minis still waiting to be painted 😉

Capture d’écran 2017-06-02 à 20.15.52 Capture d’écran 2017-06-02 à 20.15.29Capture d’écran 2017-06-02 à 20.14.07 Capture d’écran 2017-06-02 à 20.13.19

Capture d’écran 2017-06-02 à 20.12.31

I did a little bit of 3d modeling before starting the oasis and the glass roof, to make sure all the dimensions will be ok.

I2017-06-11 10.59.432017-06-11 10.59.48 2017-06-11 10.59.582017-06-11 15.37.21 2017-06-11 16.47.242017-06-11 16.40.21 2017-06-11 16.40.272017-07-01 18.42.56 2017-06-11 16.49.002017-06-11 16.49.132017-07-14 19.24.422017-07-14 19.24.09 2017-07-14 19.23.542017-07-14 19.25.122017-07-01 18.44.212017-07-01 18.44.26 2017-07-01 18.44.33

2017-07-01 18.44.43 2017-07-16 17.40.282017-07-18 21.42.24 2017-07-18 21.42.42

2017-07-18 21.42.52 2017-07-18 21.43.03

2017-07-20 18.06.05 2017-07-20 18.06.152017-07-20 18.06.22 2017-07-20 18.09.142017-07-20 18.12.372017-07-20 18.25.59

That’s it for today. I hope we will have more to show you next week!

I know it’s a little bit different from what we typically see on the battlefields but what you think? Do you have any advice/comment before we finish it?

Have a nice day,

Matt (SimpleAsWar) and Rémi (Salaise Figurines)


5 thoughts on “Tizca Botanicum Garden Table – WIP

  1. That is a very cool concept. I understand you are going for a botanical garden, but what it really reminds me off is an archaeological dig site covered by a modern roof to protect the excavation.

    I did not hear of the water product yet, but look forward to the final result.

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