Malval table – Homemade Medieval House

I regularly check the Boring Mordheim forum for inspiration and tips about modeling techniques. And let me tell you, they have some really talented PS foam carvers!
I present you my humble attempt at the PS foam carving technique.

For all the experts out there, what do you think? Any advice for my next PS foam buildings?



9 thoughts on “Malval table – Homemade Medieval House

  1. Humble attempt? You really can not call it that!
    Fantastic work!
    Only one thing …
    Because I am a mason …
    At the corner of the stair railing you have a long vertical joint in the masonry. I cover the joint with airdrying clay in every 2nd stone row.

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  2. Thanks for the pro tips ^^
    I know my joints are far from being perfect (and thus the humble attempt). Next time I will try to think and work a little bit more on the masonry joints.


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