Malval table – Ruined buildings painting

That’s impressive how colors change everything! I must confess that I started to wonder where I was going with this crazy Mordheim project. So much time and effort and still far from being playable. But as soon as I finished the first paint job on these ruins, the motivation came back instantly.

The result is nice and efficient, it’s not Golden demon painting for sure but I’m satisfied with it.

And on your side, what do you think of the painting, the color, etc?


9 thoughts on “Malval table – Ruined buildings painting

  1. Wow man, it’s come up really well. I like the colours you’ve chosen. Well done.

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  2. How did you do the cobblestone base?

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    1. I used textured plastic card, primed in grey then a wash of sand pigments.

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  3. Really nice – what colors did you use? I have a similar project and would like some pointers!

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    1. I used the same 4 paints from ak-interactive than for painting the stone walls: desert sand, dark yellow, rust and grey. See previous article here

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  4. Looks great, and terrain shouldn’t be golden demon standard or you’d never want to risk playing on it!

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  5. Beautiful work. Adding the subtle colour variations really makes each piece.

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  6. Wow! Looks fantastic!

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