Malval table – Stone walls & pavements painting

Painting time! I was really excited to finally start this step. Even if it’s only for one quarter of the whole Malval table, still it will help me to have a better vision of what the end result will look like. And also eventually correct any mistake I could have made for the first module and not reproduce them for the three remaining modules.

My favorite hobby paint brand is definitely AK-interactive. Their products fit my use and my tastes in term of color palette. This brand is not really known in the fantasy/sci-fi side of the hobby but more in the military model-making side. The things I really love in particular are their big 60ml primer bottles. Those are perfect for large projects such as scenery-making.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts about these painting jobs.

Have a nice day,


4 thoughts on “Malval table – Stone walls & pavements painting

  1. Looking really sharp!

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  2. This looks reaaaaally good !
    The result is very close to the pics you showed lately.

    The sewer wall is fantastic. Maybe you could add a little black wash on the lower side of this wall, to represent mold growing from this very wet place.

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  3. Very cool. I appreciate learning about the paint brand.

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  4. Very good results. I think you achieved a look that resembles an anime or cell shade art.

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