Malval table – Stone walls & pavements inspirations

So the Malval project is well underway and I can see myself starting the painting step in a few days, at least for one of the four 60×60 cm (2×2 ft) module.

But before that I needed some inspiration for the color palette of the Stone walls & pavements. So a few weeks back, I started to take some pictures of stone wall during our regular hikes with my wife. I thought I would share with you these pictures.

I hope you enjoy these few pictures.

Have a nice day,


3 thoughts on “Malval table – Stone walls & pavements inspirations

  1. The more closely you look at actual stonework the more you realise how little grey there is in them and how much colour there is. It’s like looking at tree and realising that they’re not brown at all.

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  2. Thank you for sharing these reference pictures. Very useful for my own work and it is true that stone and rock come in a variety of shades that are decidedly not grey.

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