Mordheim Table – Malval project

Ok, it’s time to unveil a new project of mine. The title of this article may have given you a few hints on what it is and I can see your eyes rolling. One more Mordheim table on the internet. I know, I know, it may sound cliché but I still had to do it. So I will skip the whole “kid’s dream” chit-chat and go directly to the project itself…


“Malval is one of the more ruined district of Mordheim, the city of the Damned. Only recently, the radiation level of the shattered pieces of Wyrdstone reached acceptable levels for the most fearless adventurers to investigate this district.” – Imperial Geography magazine, vol 2017.


The objective of the project is to build a 122×122 cm (4×4 ft) table on three levels, with a ruined medieval table.

I choose to go for a modular table divided in four squares 61×61 cm (2×2 ft) each. First this would enable me to change the set-up of the board from game to game to keep it fun and diverse to play on it. Second this will also enable me to store it and transport is more easily, as I plan to construct custom-made wood box for this purpose.

To make sure that the various set-up will fit together, I drew a quick sketch of the table. With this design I could potentially reach 10 differents set-up which should be more than enough to provide countless uniques Mordheim games (or Frostgrave and maybe the new Age of Sigma Skirmish game) 😉

As you can see on the sketch above, in gray there will be a few roads connecting the different modules. In blue, there will be a canal going through the city, heavily inspired by Venice’s streets.

To give you a preview of what it will look IRL, here are a few pictures of the basic wooden structure of the four modules.

So what you think?I would really love to have your comments about this project as I really want it to be a great Mordheim table and it would be great to have your different points of view or ideas to make it so.



9 thoughts on “Mordheim Table – Malval project

    1. Who knows? No matter what if one day you want to come visiting France, let me know, I’ll be more than happy to play with you on this table after a good BBQ 😉 Just give me a few months to finish it first ^^


  1. Hey.
    I’m starting on my own board now, and was thinking to use your layout. But make it more village and grassland.
    I am wondering if you could share the measurements and how you plan the raised area.
    Best regards Mathia


      1. Thank you.
        I apologize – I should have been more specific.
        How wide do you make the roads and the channel/river?
        How far in from the side do you put the side roads and the channel/river?

        I’ve already made a small sketch with cardboards, but this is new to me.

        Best regards.


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