Battle Report – Inquisimunda II

Since the begin of this year, we launched a small Inquisimunda campaign within our wargaming club the Mootland. The club is located in Vienne, France (20 min south of Lyon) and is very active, organizing a lot of events and tournaments throughout the years. If you happen to stop by or visit this area, either for work-related purpose or for vacation, do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be very happy to arrange a battle or a painting session. Additional bonus: we have great food and wines ;).

Anyway, coming back to Inquisimunda, now that everyone had finished assembling and painting their team and on my side I was finally done with my Zone Mortalis board, we decided to have a few Inquisimunda games together during our last club opening.

My Blood Pact milicia team, led by Enforcer Haul Gaur, fought against Inquisitor Dominea and her retinue from the Ordo Hereticus. The objective was for both of our team to scavenge the maximum of technoartifacts and other rare objects among the crates and container from the cargo of Rogue Trader Zorax’s spaceship.

Even if I lost (again) a member of my team and I basically won because my opponent failed his leadership dice roll, we both enjoyed the game, especially its narrative part and its fast pace. That’s great being able to play a game in less than 2 hours. This battle has convinced me to buy the new Shadow war: Armageddon box. I’m so looking forward to play a Space Wolves scout team or an Eldar Aspect team.

So see you soon for an open the box!
Take care,


3 thoughts on “Battle Report – Inquisimunda II

  1. Great terrain and lovely minis, but better than that an enjoyable game full of narrative ! I just found out your blog and I’m digging it. Thanks for sharing your game experience and your wonderfull hobby secrets.
    As great fan of Necromunda, I was a bit afraid of SWA especially about the possible level gaps between factions but I got only great feedback so I will give it a deep try. The only issue I heard about is the post-battle sequence that seems to give strange results sometimes.


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      1. Thank you for this really appreciated comment. As we say in french “Et par Saint Georges, vive la cavalerie !”. Don’t know who is Saint Georges exactly and from which system he comes but he must be a friend of Knight Cdr Pask certainly.

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