Announcing Medal of Colors – Horus Heresy 2017!

Last month, on February 25th and 26th, was the second opus of Medal of Colors on the Inq28munda theme. It was a great success and you’ll see in the upcoming weeks the pictures and reports on this blog and Rémi’s one.

For those not familiar with, Medal of Colors is a new type of event where we put the cinematographic/story-telling and Painting/converting sides of the hobby at the center. There is no ranking based on the game’s results. Instead there are Hobby related challenges about Lore, Fairplay, Painting and Converting. The spirit of these events is to play “fun and friendly battles on nice battleboards with fully painted armies”.

Following the success of the two previous episodes Medal of Colors S1E1 – Horus Heresy 2016  and Medal of Colors S1E2 – Inq28munda 2017, we decided to do a new episode back to the Horus Heresy universe.

Since last year, a long-waited book was finally published and we are really excited by the opportunities that arise from these news units and battlegrounds, especially myself as a Routs player.

Thanks to the support of our friends from the Mootland Association, we are proud to announce that we will been organizing a new Medal of Colors S2E1 – Horus Heresy 2017 event on August, 5th 2017 in Vienne, France. There will be only 12 places so don’t miss your chance to be part of this great meeting with friendly wargamers and subscribe quickly!

For more details about the event, here is the link to the rules page in french: Medal of Colors S2E1 – Horus Heresy 2017

Have a nice week-end,


3 thoughts on “Announcing Medal of Colors – Horus Heresy 2017!

    1. We are so excited too! It’s gonna be great.


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