How to paint a Zone Mortalis – Details

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”

Da Vinci was certainly right on this matter, among so many other things! In particular, I thought that my Zone Mortalis board needed a lot more of details to make it, maybe not perfect, but at least much better looking. So I took a break from the Top Secret project I’m currently working on (which, by the way, explains my lack of posting on the blog lately) to focus on adding some details to my Zone Mortalis board.

This table (as you’ll see in the upcoming article) was meant to be used in the Medal of Colors – Inq28munda 2017 that Rémi (Salaise Figurine Studio) and I organized during the FIJ 2017, last 25-26 February in Cannes (France). So I took the time to work on a lot of different details to make this table even more great looking.

Chevron patterns add a very nice finished touch to the whole table and help to identify the different area.

I added a few rust spots and blood splashes here and there to give more character and background to the table. This Zone Mortalis has seen a lot of action in its time.

Red and yellow squares help to add contrasts with the dull paint scheme of the other parts.

This Zone Mortalis represent the ship of the retired Rogue Trader Zorax. I thought that a few freso here and there will fit his passion for collecting arts.

fresques ZM

For those interested in doing the same, here is the pdf file with the different fresco that I gathered from different artists on the internet. I think that most of the drawings are from John Blanche (his style is quite unique and recognizable) and others are from GW or Black library books for which I didn’t find the names of the artists.

I also painted a few containers, barrels, supply crates, pallets, drums and engines. Again, this help to add contrasting colors (red, blue, green) to the otherwise dull paint scheme of the board.

The final touch was the printing of a large backdrop with a space picture from the Hubble telescope. This is great as the background of a spaceship board, don’t you think?



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