How to paint a Zone Mortalis – Doors


A good Zone Mortalis battleboard is nothing without a few chevron-patterned doors. Here is the quick step-by-step guide I followed to paint the chevron-patterned doors of my Zone Mortalis battleboard for the event Medal Of Colors.

Step 1. Basic painting

The first step here was to paint the door following the same color scheme than for the tiles (see previous article here).

Step 2. Chipping effect

I applied some Vallejo Liquid Mask using a blister foam. This will help me simulate the chipping effect of the next layers of paint.

Step 3. Yellow layer

I always start my chevron patterns by the yellow layer as it is much easier to paint black over yellow than the opposite.

Step 4. Masking tape

I stick a few masking tape. Make sure to have oblique and parallel lines for the best final effect.

Step 5. Black layer

I then paint the black layer, using some gray to highlight it.

Step 6. Chipping

After slowly removing the masking tape, I scratched the surface to remove the Liquid Mask applied at step 2. This will create a nice chipping effect.

Step 7. Frame painting

The final step was to paint the frame in gray and done!

When I will have a little bit more time, I’m planning to add some weathering, especially rust streaks around the bolts.



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