How to paint a Zone Mortalis – Tiles


Here is the quick step-by-step guide I followed to paint my Zone Mortalis battleboard for the event Medal Of Colors. The thing is I only had 1 month to paint the whole 24 tiles from start to finish. With such a tight schedule, I had to find an easy and straightforward way to paint the tiles. As often with large scenery pieces I did most of the painting using my Infinity airbrush (steps 2 to 5) and I only used brush to paint the metallic details (step 6).

Step 1. Cleaning

Forge worlds pieces are always greasy and need to be thoroughly cleaned using water and soap if you don’t want to have any bad surprise when you’ll start painting.

Step 2. Primer

After a layer of black primer, I applied a very light layer of AK Dark Yellow primer. The objective here was not to have an opaque layer, more like a pre-shading but using dark yellow instead of white.

Step 3. Corner spotting

I airbrushed thicker spots of AK Dark Yellow primer in each corners of the grid-pattern. It may seems strange at this point but this will act as a shading of the corners after the central part of each square will have been highlighted (see step 5).

Step 4. Grid pattern

To contrast with the yellow tone, I choose AK Grey Primer to paint the frame of the squares. I played a little bit with the opacity of the paint in order to break the uniformity of the pattern.

Step 4bis. Grid pattern

As I was not happy with the yellow/grey contrast, I choose to add a few spot of Vallejo Medium Blue grey here and there. I diluted a lot the paint to keep the color modulation of the previous steps.

Step 5. Central spotting

To highlight the center of each square, I applied a thick spot of AK Desert sand primer. With the previous corner spots created at step 3, this make a very nice combination of colors.

Step 6. Pipes and metallic details

Time to go back to the brushes and paint all the smaller details and pipes in metallic tones. I choose brass and chrome paints to have some contrasts in the metallic parts too.

Step 7. Gloss varnish and weathering

This step is mandatory to any weathering using enamel based paints. In addition, this also help protect the previous layer of paint. Keep in mind that this is a battleboard and it will see a lot of rubbing and dice rolling so the surface has to be tough. I spent two spray cans  bought in a DIY store to varnish the whole 24 tiles.

The weathering was done using AK enamel products, mainly black and brown wash for the paneling and rust streaks around the bolts.

Step 8. Matt varnish

After a little bit of weathering, if you want to go back to a more matt surface, you will have to spray a layer of matt varnish. Again this layer of varnish will also help protect your battleboard and greatly improve its durability.



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