Medal of Color – Murder Table

Hello everyone,

With my friend Rémi from Salaise Figurine Studio, we are organizing a convention next August, 6th. The theme of this event will be the Horus Heresy. There will be 12 attendees and we will play 2 vs 2 battles with 30k only armies. The spirit of this event is to play “fun and friendly battles on nice battleboards with fully painted armies”. As a result, we had to prepare three nice battle boards. We choose three specific battle locations from the Horus Heresy novels released by the Black Library and the first one we choose was the planet Murder. This planet is described in the book Horus Rising and I can only invite you to read it if you want to know more about it.

Basically this planet is some sort of jungle world populated by what is described as  giant spiders called Megarachnids. It sounds a lot like some ancestors of the Tyrannids.



5 thoughts on “Medal of Color – Murder Table

  1. Well, that ii not really the look i had in my mind about Murder, but this jungle looks amazing !
    The convention promise to be awesome !! Would could expect less with you two guys ^^

    But wait… 12 attendees ? So there is 2 mysterious players ! Or will you both play with us ?
    As you said you won’t participate in the contest part, i assumed you won’t participate in the tounament…

    I want Rémi in my team !!!


    1. It depends on how many players we will have. If we are 10 or 11 we will play. There will be three tables and we will play in 2 vs 2 battle so this means 12 players max capacity.


  2. Yea 6319 or Murder as it was dubbed by the Interex is a nasty sounding place. You have done it justice! Very creepy vibe with the nests and webs and Megarachnids all over it! Any plan to make the Stone trees that Saul Tarvitz found with dead Blood Angels impaled on the spike like branches? I think that would add a wow factor to your terrain!!! 😀

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    1. At the beginning of the project, I was planning to make those threes indeed but I think I won’t have the time before convention (still a lot of thing to prepare and paint).

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      1. Well I think it looks good, I think it makes a cool 30k environment to play in, plus that is one of my favorite parts of The Horus Heresy! it doesn’t need the stone trees! but it would be cool for fans of H.H. They would probably appreciate it! But I understand getting stuff done in time for a convention, I have been in that position too, you have to get the important things done fist then if there’s time add embellishments ! 🙂 hope it goes well would love to see photos of in progress battles! On the board!

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