Eldar com relay

I played a lot Eldar lately. I like to play a big squad of Guardian Defenders with a few Vaul’s Wrath D-cannon battery (short range but so deadly with a little help from a Farseer near by!). To protect them, my list also includes the Eldar version of the Aegis line from Micro Arts Studio. This defence line is great, I really love the blue power field effect. The thing is there are no weapon nor com relay provided in this kit as it is the case with GW’s imperial Aegis line. So I decided to make my own Eldarish com relay. I found several Eldar bitz and assembled them to make an Eldar drone of it.

So what do you think of this Eldar com relay drone?



2 thoughts on “Eldar com relay

  1. Really nice and cohesive conversion – one of those ones where you look at it and assume at first its an official model you’ve not come across before. My only criticism is the paintjob. I actually really like it, and it would be perfect for rusty, grubby Imperial, Chaos or even Ork models, but it just looks a bit too battered and dirty for the Eldar. To be honest I feel a bit bad just saying that though because it’s so well executed!

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    1. I see your point and actually I have hesitated a lot before painting it like that but I wanted to stay consistent with my Eldar vypers and wraithknight. We can imagine they are exodite eldars more than craftworld ones…


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