Gallery – Bjorn the fell-handed

I like Bjorn, a lot, and even more since I read Prospero Burn. As a Space Wolves player, I can’t recommend enough reading this book. It starts a little bit strange I can give you that but the story and the end is epic. This original full-metal Bjorn dreadnought was given to me as a gift by my great friend Raphael from the Nice Wargame Association  a few years ago.



One thought on “Gallery – Bjorn the fell-handed

  1. Prospero Burns is excellent, I loved the shamanic take on the Wolves – it really made sense of why they are the Emperor’s Headsmen, they’re more than just angry blokes with beards. Nice work on Bjorn – when do we get to see him alongside the Contemptor and the rest of the Dreadnaughts?

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