River table details


During one of our hike with my wife, I took the following picture of a very nice trail in the countryside (see below). This immediately made me think about my River table.
2015-11-15 14.23.43

It reminded me that I really should add more details to this table with things like tufts, flowers and wood fences.

2015-12-10 18.59.14

Back home, I started to make fences using balsa wood for the horizontal planks and remains of plastic sprues for the vertical posts. Everything was glued together using cyanoacrylate (in France we call it Super glue but I don’t know the trade name in others countries).

2015-12-10 18.59.25

In addition to the fences, I also made some signs and even a gallows.

2015-12-13 12.26.21

The fences were preshaded with black and white primer coats applied with an airbrush. Then I airbrushed one layer of sand yellow and one layer of light gray on different parts of the fences. IMHO, a common mistake when painting old woods is to go to much brown. If you look at old wood pieces especially if they were stored outdoor, you will find them more grayish than brown. I then applied a wash of brown oil paint diluted with white spirit and voila!

2015-12-13 16.23.56

I then drilled two holes directly on the board. The holes must have the same diameter than the posts.

2015-12-13 16.23.39

Just insert each fence in its two holes. It’s very important to have removable fences on a wargame board as you’ll need to remove them to place a unit at one time or another.

2015-12-13 16.26.17

2015-12-13 17.09.512015-12-13 17.10.452015-12-31 14.55.262015-12-31 14.56.25

So, do you like these small improvements? Any idea for making this table even better?



6 thoughts on “River table details

  1. It’s developing in to a really nice and detailed rural board. Like both the flowers and the fences. Maybe some taller reed in slow moving parts of the river could add some more detail?

    Keep up the great work mate, Ill be bookmarking your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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