Tournament Trophies FIJ 2016

After the success of the last trophies I made for the 40k Tag Team tournament, I offered my services to the TO of the Warhammer 40k tournament, which takes place each year during the FIJ (International Games Festival) at Cannes, France.

Here is the step-by-step guide I followed to make these trophies.

I started by printing the shapes of one, two and three column which would symbolize the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

I then cut and drawn these shapes on a wood board. Using a jigsaw I cut the board accordingly to the column shapes.

The column were then glued onto rectangular wood pieces. The basing was made using roughcast, plastic parts and sand.

The whole trophies were primed using a black spray can bought in my local DIY store. I then airbrushed a layer of AK interactive matt black to have a smoother finish.

The bottom of each trophy was masked and the upper part was painted in gold, silver and bronze.

For the Paint Trophy, I choose to paint it in rust and then applied a green layer to end up with a “military rusty effect”.

And voila!

By the way, I’ve also attended the FIJ wh40k tournament myself as a player with my eldar army. I ended up to the 2nd place over 28 players, not bad for a low-class player as myself!

It was a great week-end, very well organized by my friends from the Nice Wargame Association. A special thank to their FLGS Good Games Miniatures which not only provided the prizes for the tournament but is also a great support for all the wargamers in this area.

See you,


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