Snowspeeder: step-by-step basing

For those of you who don’t know it, I’m a Chemist IRL. The company I’m working for is specialized in making biobased polymers used in several applications such as coatings, paints and adhesives. So, why do I tell you this, you may ask? The answer is quite simple, I’ve developed an alternative to PVA glue based on one of the product developed by my company. This product is especially great for scenery or miniature basing.

In fact, I have been using this product for more than one year now and I’ve used it to base hundread of miniatures and scenery. I’ve called this product Mana 47 and if I should define its use, I would say that it’s a “Ultra-sharp liquid adhesive for miniatures basing“.

To give you an example of how I use it, here is the step-by-step guide of the sand basing of my last Star Wars Snowspeeder… or Sandspeeder I should say 😉


First step consists in applying a generous layer of Mana 47 on the whole surface. The product is white while liquid but become transparent as it dries.

I then poor a large quantity of a mix of sand with different size. Noteworthy, I leave the excess of sand on the surface while the glue dries. What’s great with Mana 47 basing glue is that it’s a lot more fluid than PVA glue (or vinyl glue) and thus it will better penetrate and fix the sand (thanks to capillary effect).

After a few hours, I remove the excess of sand. The base is now ready for painting.

As I wanted a sand base, I started by applying a layer of sand acrylic paint.

The paint can be diluted with water without damaging the layer sand as Mana 47 is not dissolved by water when dried, contrary to PVA glue.

Let dry the painted bases for a few more hours.

To add more colors and contrast to the bases, I put some random spots of pigment powders (ocher, dark earth, North Africa dust).

To link the different colors, I applied a wash of enamel brown over the whole surface.

And voila!

I’m looking for people interested in testing Mana 47, so if you’re interested, send me an email at

Enjoy the rest of your day,


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