Painting a Snowspeeder in one-day

Nothing scenery nor wargame related today (if only X-wing was in 1:48 scale), here is the last challenge we had with my brush-jedi friend Rémi from Salaise Figurines Studio. We both are Star wars fans and when Bandaï released their new kits, we knew what we had to do. Through his Painting Studio, Rémi recently developed a very nice one-day painting lesson for these Star wars models and he asked me to attend to the first test of this lesson.

I choose the Snowspeeder kit as it reminds me how as a kid I was fan of the scene where Luke brings down the AT-AT with this small fighter (so David against Goliath in a futurist style).

The kit was quite easy to assemble. Glue was not always required as a lot of parts just snap-fit together.

Here is the full set of products provided by Rémi for this one-day painting lesson. From main colors to weathering effects, everything is provided! That’s a great deal.

As most spaceship, the base color is a light gray. Noteworthy the paint are from Ammo Mig and each of their acrylic paint bottle include a small stainless steel ball which improve the homogeneity of the paint when you shake it.

After the main color, the model was highlighted with a mix of gray and matt white up to pure matt white.

Masking time! I deliberately choose to increase the length of the strips to give more contrast with the grayish color.

The strips were painted in Vallejo model air orange and highlighted with fluo orange.

After removing the masking tape.

The final step was the best part for me: weathering and scratching!

For those interested in this one-day painting lesson, feel free to contact Rémi by email at or via its facebook page, believe me he is a great teacher.

Have a nice day,


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