Gallery – Eldar Oblivion Vypers


I have been in the mood for playing my eldar as I wanted to try the new Eldar craftworld detachment. What I like in this detachement from the latest Eldar codex is that it really feel eldarish. It is so different in its structure from the common (rigid?) CAD that it almost feel alien. This detachment works as an aggregate of different subforce each with its own function. Eldar units are well known for being highly specialized and what’s funny with this detachment is that it adds one more layer to the specialist thing. One of the subforce I wanted to include in my army list was a windrider host (counting as a core choice), which basically is a mini-SaimHann force in your army, so fun and fluff, I like it very much! The thing with these host is that they have some mandatory unit to fill, whatever you like them or not. In this case, you have to take at least one vyper. Great! It has been I have played this unit because it had to much competition in the fast attack slot of the rigid CAD. When you have to pick only three choice among warp spiders, swooping hawks and vyper units, you end up with a combination of 1-2 units of warp spiders and swooping hawks and no vyper. That’s a shame I know but wh40k is what it is… Back to the new craftworld deatchment, if you want to play a windrider host, you have to play at least one vyper. In this case vypers are not competing  with warp spiders or swooping hawks and you can play all of them! That’s what make me paint these four vypers to add to my oblivion army. Can’t wait to play them!

2015-11-28 08.10.132015-11-28 08.10.002015-11-28 08.09.552015-11-28 08.09.11



3 thoughts on “Gallery – Eldar Oblivion Vypers

    1. Thanks. I must admit I tought a long time before doing some weathering on these vyper as Eldar have very clean paint jobs in general. But I’m quite glad I did and I like the end result.


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