Gallery – Blood Pact Hydra

Hello there,

It’s time for some Blood Pact love! I realised that it has been a while since I published anything about my beloved Blood Pact army. The thing is that I won an AM hydra kit at the last 40k tournament I attended (see this post about the 40k TAG team tournament). It was a great prize as I was actually planning to add one to my renegade guard army. I already had the painting scheme in mind: blood red as the base color with white marking and some yellow detail to add contrast. Nothing really exceptional, I was heavily inspired by Dave Taylor’s work, he is the master, no doubt.

2015-12-16 17.57.44 2015-12-16 17.59.13 2015-12-16 17.58.09 2015-12-16 17.57.14 2015-12-16 17.56.37



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