Medal of Colors


Something a little bit special today, as I’d like to make an announcement about a project we have in preparation for a little while with my friend Rémi from Salaise Figurines Studio. If you want to know more about this event here is the link to the rules in french.

We both have very distinct personality and background but there is one thing we both agree unquestionably: “we like to play fun and friendly battles on  nice battleboards with fully painted armies“. Wargame is definitely a social hobby and we like to share about our passion with others in the same state of minds. As a result, we decided to launch a new kind of event that we called “Medal of Colors”. It’s not a tournament, it’s not a painting contest, it’s not a convention, it’s not an Armies on Parade. We would like to propose you something different.

What we have in mind is a one-day event with up to 12 participants during which we will play three battles on three different battleboards that we are in the process of making (see pictures). This event will be held in a place close to Lyon, France (more on this latter). The date is not determined yet but it should be in august 2016. There will be no ranking at this end of this day and yet there will be some prizes! Yes, that’s right, we will soon publish a list of fun challenges such as “Best panting job”, “Best conversion”, “Best Fluff”, “Most fun to play against”, etc. There will be many prizes so everyone will have achance to get a Medal of Colors. You’ll still have an objective to prepare for this event, but all of this will happen before the event. The day of the event, it will be fun only and no stress.

As you may have understood, the theme for this first “Medal of Colors” event will be the Horus Heresy set in the Warhammer 30k universe. Each of the three battleboards will represent an infamous planet from the Horus Heresy series so if you want to participate you will need two things: 1) a friendly fun-orientated state of mind and 2) a fully painted 30k army.

If you are interested in this event or have ideas for some fun challenges, feel free to comment hereafter of send us an email to

Have a nice day,


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