Review – 8.8cm Flak36 from Perry Miniatures

Last step of the mission of the month was the Flak 36 gun. This unit is made of two kits: the Flak 36 gun from Blitzkrieg Miniatures and the 8-men crew from Perry Miniatures.

1. Value

The combined cost of these two kits is 40€ which place this unit in the high price range. This may be justified by the low demand for this product. I really wanted to play it and with the low cost of the Infantry box, the overall cost of the army stays below 100€ which is quite impressive when you are used to spend 500-1000€ per army in other games!

Coming back to the Flak 36 unit, I find it a little bit overpriced but again, let’s see if the quality and assembly justify it…2015-11-26 19.07.19

2. Quality and assembly

The quality is ok, no problematic mold line, the crew is in metal and the gun in resin. The gun has a fair amount of details, but the cast quality is average, the surface being texturized. In my case this was not a problem as I would use a lot of weathering anyway but for people who like factory new gun this may be one.

Something quite sad at this price point is that the bases are not included in this kit neither for the gun nor for the crew. I had to improvise some using an old CD for the gun and coins for the crews. Not a big deal in the end but yet a little bit frustrating at the opening of the kits.2015-11-27 10.19.45

3. Painting

The gun was painted the same way I painted my Tiger I. I started by applying my secret purple-orange rust primer coat. I then airbrushed a coat of shipping effect from AK-interactive. I then applied a desert yellow coat, highlighted with a sand color. I then scratched the paint using a wet brush, applied the decal. And voila!2015-12-31 16.50.112015-12-31 16.50.302015-12-31 16.50.01

What do you think of the purple pigment on the base? I find it’s a nice contrast with the desert yellow color of the gun but is it too much?



5 thoughts on “Review – 8.8cm Flak36 from Perry Miniatures

  1. I like the purple, nicely done.

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  2. I think I’d prefer the purple to be a little subtler – I like the idea of using the purple, but think it’s too strong here.

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  3. Nice work here. I recently purchased Warlord’s 88, though no plans to put it together anytime soon. I think the purple is nice, but I agree with Responsible – more subtle would work better in my opinion.


    1. Ok, I see, on the other end, I think the purple will naturaly fade away with time. Thanks for your advices.


  4. Lovely work. I really like the emplacement you made. The purple is kind of okay by me, the desert terrain seems to throw up some strange colours,

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