Review – Afrika Korps from Perry Miniatures

So, first step of the mission of the month was to take care of the assembly and painting of the 38 men of the Afrikakorps 1941-1943 box from Perry Miniatures. And I also thought: why not share with you what I think of this (great) product. I guess, you already know my overall feel.

1. Value

Starting by the first advantage you will see when wondering what minis you should uses for your DAK army: the value. Clearly at 27€ for 38 minis, this is one of the most cost effective 28mm miniatures box on the market. At this price, the only showstopper is generally quality, which brings us to the next topic…2015-11-26 19.07.10

2. Quality and assembly

The Perry brothers are well known in the wargaming community and as such I was pretty confident with the quality of the minis in the box. And I wasn’t disappointed! The molding is ok, there are some molding lines but nothing unusual. What’s great is the shear number of assembly options you have. You have enough to make three teams of MG or mortars or any combination of theses weapons. All the minis are bald and are provided with either a cap, a colonial helmet and the steel german helmet.

2015-11-28 19.08.45

One thing I want to mention is that I read on some forums that the minis look a little bit like wax sculptures. While I can see the point on the unpainted minis (see picture below), I think it’s a little bit harsh and clearly that’s not the feel I have once I look at the painted minis. Maybe the people criticizing on the forum should spend less time on the internet and more time at their painting desk 😉

2015-11-28 19.08.18

Overall quality and assembly options are both great. Combined to the very aggressive price, I would put this box in my top 5 of the best wargame kits.

3. Painting

Painting was a little bit more complicated and difficult than I was expecting.  It’s hard for me to describe it, but I really had a hard time painting these minis. It doesn’t really have anything with the sculpt of the minis. I think it’s more the scale which gave me trouble. I didn’t mention it, because it may seem obvious, but these minis have a realistic 28mm scale. And up to know I’ve mainly painted minis with heroic scale such as with Warhammer 40k minis. Even in FoW, the 15mm minis have more heroic proportions than realistic ones and it was thus one of the first time I painted minis at realistic scale. I would never have guessed that it would affect my painting that much!

Anyway, here are the pictures, you can make your own opinion but at the end I think I did a decent job with these minis.2015-12-31 16.45.14

2015-12-31 16.45.35

2015-12-31 16.45.39

2015-12-31 16.46.04

2015-12-31 16.46.14

2015-12-31 16.45.20

2015-12-31 16.46.29

2015-12-31 16.46.50

2015-12-31 16.47.07

I could still improve some details (I didn’t paint the glasses for example) but the overall effect is quite good I think, especially with the weathering effects on the helmets (my favorite).

What do you think?


1 thought on “Review – Afrika Korps from Perry Miniatures

  1. They look great, love the scratched helmets!

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