Afrika Korps for Bolt Action

As you may or may not know, I regularly play to my local wargame club, the infamous Mootland Clan. Some of its members started to play to Bolt Action since early 2015 and they totally felt in love with both the mechanisms of the game and the historic period. I resisted for some time as I already have a lot of WWII armies for FoW but the appeal for this historic period was the strongest and I finally decided to join the move, or the ranks I should say. As I didn’t want to make a redundant force with any of my already existing FoW armies, I choose to investigate another WWII theatre of operation the North Afrika by starting a small Deutsche Arika Korps army.

2015-11-26 19.07.00

From my experience of german armies in FoW, I already knew pretty much what I wanted to play: a full platoon of desert veterans with a battered Tiger I and a Flak 36 in support. Yes I’m a great fan of the 8.8 cm cannon you may say. Next step was finding the miniatures to fit this army. And I didn’t search much longer when I found the great Arikakorps 1941-1943 box from Perry Miniatures. The box is full of miniature (38) including MG and mortar options and is sold at very competitive price (around 27€). For the Flak 36, I took the artillery crew from Perry Miniatures and the gun from Blitzkrieg Miniatures. Last, the Tiger 1 is from Italeri/Warlord games as you can clearly see on the picture above.

My objective is to complete this small project (38 minis + 1 tank + 1 gun and crew) in less than a month. Will see if I can keep up with this tight objective 😉


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