Happy New Year + 2015 in review

Happy New year everyone and welcome back on SimpleAsWar for the first post of this new Year!

First of all, let’s take some time to talk about numbers as 2015 was a great year for this small blog that I started two years ago:

  • 39 articles were published in 2015, that’s an average 1 article every 10 days! Not bad I think.
  • The number of views also exploded, going from a ridiculous 65 views in 2014 to more than 5800 views in 2015! That’s almost 100 times!

Here are the top 5 most-read articles in 2015:

1. Armies on Parade Lyon – Actually this is not one article but more a series of 4 articles about the building and painting of the display board I presented to the last Armies on Parade, last October in GW Lyon.

2015-10-24 10.51.45

2. Battle: Knight vs Knight – This one is a short battle report about a games with Remi where his Paladin Imperial Knight fight against my Lancer Knight. This is not really surprising as nothing is more epic than two knights charging at each other 😉

2014-12-14 15.33.36 - copie

3. Building the Man Cave – This one was wrote in 2014 but still was one of the most viewed articles of 2015. Make me think about writing a new post as the Man Cave received some updates throughout 2015.

4. 40k TAG team tournament – The summary of the last 40k tournament I attended last September. I really like it, my friends from the Nice Wargame Association did a great job at organizing it and I can’t wait to attend it again next year!

2015-09-05 17.06.34 - copie

5. Painting Lesson: Blood and Splash – My first attempt at painting blood on the blades of my mighty Witch Elves, following a painting lesson from Salaise Figurines Studio.



Now, it’s time to talk about what’s next.

And something big is coming. No it’s not winter. Actually this will be more in summer. Ladies and gentlemen (not sure there is any lady following this blog, anyway), let me introduce you to the big project for 2016:

Medal of Colors – Horus heresy

Everything started during a painting session with my friend Remi from Salaise Figurines Studio. We were talking about what we like and what we dislike in this hobby and we eventually came to discuss about a great idea for a project that we want to share with you. I won’t say more as we are still working on the details but what I can already share with you is this little picture as a teaser 😉

Hope it get you as excited as we are by this new project!

See you,





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