Battle – Fighting in the jungle

After painting all theses new plants and palm trees, it was time for some actions. Following some comments on my previous article about my jungle table (see article here), I made my jungle more colorful by adding some white, red and yellow flowers. It was a really good suggestion as it made everything pop out! It definitely gives a less realistic and more “fantastic” look to my jungle table but that’s fine with me. I invited my friend Remi from Salaise Figurines for a wh30k game between his gorgeous Son of Horus army and my own Space Wolves army. The game was a blast, we had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed fighting through this dense yet modular jungle table.

2015-11-28 08.19.21

2015-11-28 08.18.54

2015-11-28 08.18.41

2015-11-28 08.18.28

2015-11-27 17.58.45

2015-11-28 08.07.40
My wolfens were counting as a Gal Vorbak unit rulewise. By the way, this unit is one of the most (if not the most) powerful unit in the 30k rule set.

2015-11-28 08.05.39

2015-11-28 08.05.09

2015-11-27 18.19.14

2015-11-27 18.19.22

2015-11-27 18.19.26

So what you think? Is it colorful enough or do I still need to add more color in this jungle scenery set?



4 thoughts on “Battle – Fighting in the jungle

  1. A fantastic looking battlefield. You could add a little more colour, but I’d probably do it with additional pieces rather than touching these – as these all look fantastic as is. That will also allow you to use the additional colourful pieces as sparingly or en masse as you feel the table needs on any given occasion.

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