Armies on Parade Lyon – part 4

Last step with this challenge: painting the whole thing! As I said previously, I will follow the same painting scheme than the one I used for basing my space wolves. With a large brush, I applied a diluted layer of brown on both the upper part and the underground part. For the underground I wanted something darker, so I airbrushed a layer of diluted black/brown, especially focusing in the deeper part of the underground. I then airbrushed a layer of dark grey on the rocky part (the rock slates and barks). I then highlighted them by airbrushing a layer of Vallejo pale blue grey. Next step was to drybrush the whole display bord with beige and add some ocher, brown and black pigments in different spots. The small details (skulls, skeleton) were painted last. Finaly, I added the final touch by painting the exterior frame in anthracite grey.
2015-10-17 09.35.48
2015-10-17 09.35.53
2015-10-17 09.35.58
2015-10-17 10.15.08
2015-10-17 10.15.13
2015-10-17 10.15.17
2015-10-17 10.15.23
2015-10-17 10.15.28
2015-10-17 10.15.37
2015-10-18 09.42.03
2015-10-18 09.42.09
2015-10-18 09.42.21
2015-10-18 10.18.25
2015-10-18 10.18.32
2015-10-18 10.18.51
2015-10-18 10.45.34
2015-10-18 15.30.58
If you want to see it IRL, feel free to stop by at the Armies on Parade in Lyon, next October 24th.
Edit: I won he third place. It was a great experience even if I didn’t totally approve the way it was organized. Anyway I learned a lot making this display board and I enjoyed it so much that I will probably attend it again next year!

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